Meeting Environmental Regulations With Quality Products and Services

Aside from offering environmental safety services, Environflow Inc. offers a large selection of equipment to meet your needs. We stock both Isco and Hach/Sigma products. We also have been selling, installing and repairing these products since 1995.

Equipment Leasing, Purchasing, and Repair

Isco Flow Products

  • 2300 Series
  • 3200 Series
  • 4200 Series Bubbler, Ultrasonic, and Area Velocity

Isco Sampler Products

  • Portable and Refrigerated
  • 2700 Series Composite
  • 2900 Series Composite
  • 3700 Series Composite and Sequential
  • 4700 Series Composite and Sequential
  • 6000 Series VOC
  • 6700 Series
  • 5800 Series

Sigma-Hach Flow Products

  • 950 Series Bubblers and Area Velocity
  • 980 Series Ultrasonic

Sigma-Hach Sampling Products

  • Portable and Refrigerated
  • 800 Series
  • 900 Series
  • 900 Max Series
  • 1350 Series

Other Services

Design, Installation, and Construction of Temporary Primary Devices
Design, Installation, and Construction of Permanent Primary Devices
Weir and Flume Maintenance
Dye Tracing of Sewer System
Dump Valve Maintenance
Dump Valve Installation
Two Man Working on Business Days

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